Has your kid ever had a real life livestock farming experience? Do they know their animals beyond what they are taught at school! Have they ever interacted with, fed, or even taken selfies with live animals? Here’s an exciting opportunity to give your child or student a thrilling livestock farming experience right here at Lekki Farm, FREE OF CHARGE!


The Young Farmers Project initiative essentially brings the classroom to the farm. We believe that the future of farming lies with the children and catching them young is one great way to prepare them. A majority of kids today have only been taught the theoretical aspect of farming which most often times than not, paints it as a tedious profession that should be left for never-do-wells. We are out to correct that notion and show them that farming is very fun and lucrative.

This is why this initiative entails organizing excursions for primary school pupils to our farm; where they will safely interact with the animals, learn all about them, ask questions & feed the animals all for free! 

For More Information

To schedule a farm visit / school excursion for your students, please send an email to or call us on +234 909 040 5271